6 Important Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Needs To Know

Keeping your dog free from harm is one of your major responsibilities as a dog owner. Here are some important safety tips from experienced dog owners that can help you in that regard:

Get Your Dog A Microchip For Permanent Identification

I’m sure you don’t look forward to losing your precious dog. But it’s something that can happen anywhere at anytime. In case your pet gets lost and has a microchip on him, anyone who scans the microchip will be able to see and give all your personal details, which will enable speedy reunion. If you change houses in the future, remember to give the microchip company your updated information i.e. new state, address etc.

Apart from helping people reunite with their lost pets, microchips can also be used by the courts to decide on the ownership of a pet, so you can see just how important they are.

Keep A Doggie First Aid Kit Handy

Because accidents can happen at any time, it’s very important that you have a doggie first aid kit handy just in case your dog gets injured. Make sure it contains all the basic things you’ll need.

Never Let Your Pet Ride Behind A Truck Unrestrained

We loose numerous dogs yearly from riding in pickup beds unrestrained, while others get injured. Don’t let your dog be among them. Being hit by debris while riding in pickup beds can cause serious injuries to your dog, so make sure you restrain him.

The same rule applies to dogs riding in cars. Don’t let them stick their head out of the window, as they’re likely to be hit by debris which can damage their eyes or ears. But that’s not all. Because of their curious nature, dogs might try to jump outside through the window when they see something interesting. Of course, you know that they’re likely to get injured or killed. So, for their own safety, restrain them in the car irrespective of the speed you’re driving at.
Keep Toxic Household Items Out Of Reach

Probably you’re already doing this for your children’s safety. That’s very good. Dog’s also need to be protected from toxic household items, so look through your house again and remove cleaning products, gums, candies and any other household items that might harm them and store them safely. If your dog has the habit of rummaging through your garbage, look for a high-quality baby proof lock to seal it as a garbage can contain toxic wastes that might harm him.

Keep An Eye On Him While Around Water

Some dogs are very good swimmers while others are not. If yours fall into the latter category, he’s likely to drown when left alone near moderate to deep waters i.e. swimming pools. So, make sure you keep a keen eye on him to ensure he’s safe.

Watch Out For His Feet During Summer

The summer heat can be extremely hot and overwhelming for your dog to walk on barefoot. Because of that, it’s better to go for walks either early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent his feet from being burnt by the hot pavements.

Hopefully, with these safety tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your precious dog safe.