8 Useful Health, Food And Grooming Tips For Every Dog Owner

I’m sure you’ve read lots of books, watched lots of videos and done lots of research to learn more about your dog and how to take care of him in the best way possible. However, there are certain things you can only learn through trial and error. That includes stuff to do with your dog’s health, grooming and even feeding. The following are some simple life hacks from seasoned dog owners to handle these three important areas in your dog’s life:

Use Tweezers To Remove Ticks From Your Dog

If you live in an area that’s highly infested with ticks, or in a wooded area, there are high chances that your dog has some on them. Since ticks can transmit deadly tick-borne diseases to your dog (and to humans too), it’s very important that you remove them as soon as possible.

While wearing gloves, use a pair of tweezers to grab ticks by their mouth area (this is where they’re closest to your pet’s skin). Pull them firmly and steadily till they’re removed completely. Be sure to kill the ticks by placing them in a container containing alcohol so that they don’t crawl and transmit diseases to other people and animals in your home.

Remove A Dog Sting With Your Credit Card

If your dog has been stung, there are high chances of leaving part of the sting on his skin if you try to pick it with your hands. That’s why it’s recommended that you use something with a straight edge like a credit card to scrape off the sting.

Use Milk, Peanut Butter and Flour To Make Your Own Pill Pockets

If your beloved pet isn’t feeling well and is having a hard time swallowing his pills, get a little creative to make the process easier for him. Use the above ingredients to make your own tasty DIY pill pockets. You’ll be surprised at how fast he’ll swallow the pills.

Store Dog Food In Airtight Containers

Most dog foods tend to loose their freshness once they’re opened. Because of that, you’re likely to run at a loss if you usually buy such foods in large quantities. Consider storing them in sealed airtight containers to enable them to stay fresh for longer.

Use Warm Water To Soften Dry Dog Food

If your dog is having trouble eating his dry food, try softening it up a little bit by adding warm water. Be careful not to make the food too watery though.

Make Brushing Part Of Your Dog’s Grooming Routine

Most dogs don’t like their teeth being brushed, but it’s something that you have to do regularly to help keep their breath fresh and teeth strong and healthy. Regular brushing also helps to keep various dental problems at bay, which significantly reduces your pet’s yearly dental care costs. So, try to brush his teeth daily if possible. Make sure you use only a toothbrush and toothpaste meant for dogs.

Use Vaseline To Protect His Paws During The Winter

Does your dog dislike wearing his boots during winter? If so, you can apply some Vaseline to his paws to protect them during the cold winter months.

Use Food Dispensing Toys For Fast Eaters

If your dog naturally eats faster, you can slow him down a bit by putting his food in a food dispensing toy. Doing so also gives his a great mental workout because he has to figure out how to remove the food from the toy.

Use these simple life hacks to make living with your dog easier and enjoyable.